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ABF Inverter

ABF INVERTER represents the state of the art in cooling technology for air blown film lines and is essential for the most effective processing of the product. The air cooling system by direct expansion of the gas grants savings of up to 50% compared to the standard chiller.

ABF Agriline

The top energy efficiency provided by the ABF AGRI-LINE Series comes from the installation of 2 Inverters, one for each motor. As a result performances are boosted with the additional plus coming from the use of the compressors on 24 hours cycles, with daily but also seasonal temperatures quite different one from the other.


Cooling capacities of BRA+ air cooling batteries range from 2,4 to 169 kW.Constructed within a closed framework for maximum insulation and superior performance, the battery may be applied to several different processes including cooling of the bubble of blown film lines. Cold water for the battery is typically provided by a chiller.


AIR+ is an innovative technology designed for the cooling of air blown film lines. An evolution of the BRA+ range, the AIR+ is a stand-alone unit that produces cold air. It works by using the condensing water from a condensing kit or chiller at 15°C ÷ 35°C.


Mini ABF units, available both in air (PA) or water (PW) cooled versions provide cold air at constant temperature regardless of environmental conditions.


The purpose of the AIR MIX KIT function is that of exploiting, whenever this is possible, the temperature of the outside air to take advantage of a mixed air to be able to work without using a chiller, i.e. with no energy consumption.


Pre-assembled condensation kit for ABF, condensation of gas through water.

Dcooler & ADcooler

The Dcooler and ADcooler * series were developed by Eurochiller to provide cooling to centralized installations or individual applications, but extremely demanding.