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Other Film Extrusion Products.

K-500 Rotomat KT

The K-500 Rotomat KT is an online film thickness gauge for blown film lines. The K-500 thickness sensor is based on the capacitive measuring principle. The Rotomat KT ensures a quick profile refresh by its either oscillating or continuous rotation. It takes only 36 seconds on the standard sized scanners.

K 300

The K-300 Rotomat KT is an online film thickness gauge for blown film lines.

K 300 CF

The K-300 CF Gauge is designed as a manual measuring only solution. It is mounted in the collapsing frame and measures the thickness around the bubble, driven by the rotation of the hauloff. As this is quite slow, it is good for manual but not suitable for profile control.

KCF 700 Rotomat KT

This thickness measuring system is based on a capacitive measuring principle. By using an air gap between film and measuring head, a production of sensitive films without scratches is ensured. The Rotomat KT ensures a quick profile refresh.

KNC 600

The KNC-600 Linear Scanner is a thickness gauge for cast film lines, film orientation lines or other extrusion lines where the thickness of flat film needs to be measured.

S 100

The S-100 is an online thickness measuring system for blown film lines that measures the thickness of the film with nearly no contact. This measuring system has been developed to capacitive measure barrier film with a high percentage of PA and/or EVOH. The S-100 TWIN measures the lay-flat width and the web position of the film at the same time.


EF 8

The FE-8 is a modular system to measure and / or control the layflat width on blown film lines.

FILMTEST 3G - Offline film thickness Gauge

The Filmtest is an offline measuring system for extruded films, used for process Optimization and quality control labs. The combination of several measuring functions in an offline system makes the Filmtest a valuable tool for a professional quality control.